It is Halloween and Cockney low-lifes Vince and Malfie are poised over the blueprints for a fireworks factory. With bonfire night looming close the factory must be stuffed full of money, right?

Wrong! After cutting the alarm cables and sneaking inside, the lads discover that the riches have been locked into one big old mother of a safe. There's only one solution: lug it back to the car and transport it to the nearest blowtorch. Only the safe proves way too heavy for a flight of stairs and all seems lost until Malfie spots the old industrial lift. Big mistake.

With much effort they get the safe inside the tiny lift and down they go. Well, halfway down! The lift gets stuck between floors as it appears that they have exceeded the maximum weight by at least one big old safe. Stuck in the tiniest of lifts, our two small-time crooks seem destined to face their long dark night of the soul. But Vince has one more plan!
  'Indoor' selected for REBELFEST in Toronto, Canada ..
  SND Films sells 'Indoor Fireworks' to Canal+ ..
  'Indoor' in competition at the MORBEGNO FILM FESTIVAL in Italy. ..
Los Angeles International
Short Film Festival

  Saturday. September 20th
3:15 PM
Arclight Cinema
6360 Sunset Blvd.